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COVID Nursing Station


  • The COVID-19 isolation rooms are located in P-12 and P-13

  • If COVID-19 is suspected, the nurse must be notified immediately. A staff member will then escort the the student to the isolation room. 

  • The nurse will assess all sick students for COVID-19 

  • Any student with COVID-19 symptoms will be placed in the designated isolation area in PPE until they are picked up. The student will be encouraged to take a COVID test and quarantine before returning. 

  • The nurse communicates all COVID cases to administration, primary care providers, local and state health departments for appropriate action.

  • If a positive COVID-19 case is confirmed, JCMS will follow all APS and NMDOH guidelines regarding sanitation, closure, and reentry. 

  • Students or Staff members suspected of having a COVID-19 infection will not pass through the school on the way to the isolation room. 


Health Office

  • The health office will be set up as an alternate isolation space for ill students awaiting parent pick up and not suspected of having a COVID-19 infection. 

  • All well-child care and/evaluation of ill students will be provided in the Health Office.