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Dress Code

Per APS Student Behavior Handbook, “Students' dress and grooming is to reflect high standards of personal conduct so that each student’s attire promotes a positive, safe and healthy atmosphere within the school.” Students are expected to adhere to any dress policy that has been adopted at their school.

JCMS Dress Code: APS dress code always applies. In addition, JCMS dress code requires that all clothing be of solid color as indicated below. All clothing must fit appropriately- clothing that is overly tight, or overly loose, is prohibited. Dress code violations result in progressive consequences.

  • Masks: All students, employees, and visitors may wear masks while inside APS buildings, whether they are vaccinated or not. We follow the state and district mandate.
  • Shirts: Any solid color shirts, polos, t-shirts, and collared shirts, OR a JCMS shirt, must be worn at all times, including under a sweater or sweatshirt while on campus. No sleeveless shirts are allowed.
  • Pants/Shorts/Skirts: Solid color dockers, denim, or jeans that are knee length or longer are allowed, cargo pockets and jogger style pants that cuff at bottom are allowed, but no sweatpants and no leggings, or athletic wear are allowed. Pants that have ANY tears/holes are not acceptable.
  • Outerwear: Students may wear any school appropriate jacket, sweater, or hoodie over their solid colored shirt or JCMS shirt. Hoodies: students may wear a sweatshirt or sweater with a hood, as long as the hood is removed upon entering a building.
    • All hats are NOT allowed on campus and will be confiscated immediately.
    • Beanies, or other winter wear, may be worn outside only.
  • ID and Lanyard: All students will be provided 1 photo ID that must be worn around the neck and displayed visibly while on campus at ALL times. Lost, misplaced, or forgotten ID’s require a student to check-in at the front desk immediately upon entering campus. Students must purchase their own lanyard. Every 3rd temporary ID will result in the automatic ordering of a replacement. A $5 replacement cost will be added to a student’s Synergy account to be paid by the parent/guardian for replacement.

Acceptable and Not Acceptable Apparel

Clothing Type Acceptable NOT Acceptable
Shirts Solid-colored shirts with sleeves, collard shirts, polos, t-shirts, Jimmy Carter shirts

Tank tops, tube tops, spaghetti strap shirts, shirts that show midriff/crop tops, cut-offs

Any type of image, logo, or writing


Pants- Solid-colored denim, khaki, jeans, cargo

-Must fit appropriately

Pants with holes, cut, ripped or frayed

Baggy/saggy pants, camouflage material

Shorts, Skirts, and Dresses Solid color shorts, skirts, dresses - knee length or longer

Camouflage material

Above the knee, below waist, too tight/loose

Outerwear School appropriate outerwear: jackets, pull overs, sweaters, hoodies - zippered, buttoned Logos and images which suggest, advertise, display or promote drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sexual activity, violence, profanity, negative behaviors, disrespect, gang-related and/or bigotry are not acceptable
Beanies and Hoodies Beanies & hoodies on jackets can be worn outside ONLY

No hats, beanies, bandanas, sunglasses in the building

Hats are not allowed on campus

Shoes Any closed-toed shoes Open-toed shoes, house slippers, slides, flip flops



JCMS Dress Code Policy and Procedure

JCMS Dress Code
JCMS Dress Code
JCMS Dress Code
JCMS Dress Code

*Logos Not Allowed Logos which suggest, advertise, display or promote drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sexual activity, violence, profanity, negative behaviors, disrespect, gang-related and/or bigotry are not acceptable.

Administration reserves the right to revise the dress code if safety issues arise.

Dress Code Violations

If a student comes to school out of dress code, teachers will send students to the office to call home for a change of clothes. If someone is unable to bring a change of clothes, they will borrow something from the clothing bank. If nothing in clothing bank fits or is available, then students will be assigned SSC for the remainder of the day. Continual violations will receive progressive discipline consequences. Clothing assistance may be available to those families in most need.