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Passing Periods

During Passing Periods:

  • Go directly to your next class.

  • Social distance in the hallways and throughout campus.

  • Students will not be allowed to use the restroom during passing periods. Restrooms will be cleaned and disinfected during this time. Students will be allowed an electronic pass to use the bathroom during instructional blocks. 

  • The Bell Schedule has built in a 7 minute passing period between classes

  • Students will enter C,D & E Buildings from the courtyard.  

  • Right side doors will be used for entering and Left side doors for exiting.  Doors will have signage.

  • Follow the indicated signs to enter/exit portables and any other buildings that only have one set of doors.

  • Hallway traffic flow: There will be one directional flow of traffic

  • Students will enter buildings and stay on their right-hand side at all times 

  • Students will travel to the end of the hallway to get to their classrooms on the opposite side

  • Movement during classes An electronic tool for hallway passes will be used to track student movement to the nurse, ounselors office, Administrative office, and other areas of the school, as well as for monitoring social distancing protocols and for contact tracing purposes.

  • Staff will supervise students during passing periods.