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School Counselor:

Paula Vigil MA, School Counselor

Student Alpha N thru Z

Jimmy Carter Middle School

8901 Bluewater NW

Albuquerque, New Mexico

505-833-7540  x57591


School Counselor:

Jayme Perea, BS/MA

School Counselor (Alpha A-M)

(505) 833-7540 ext. 57557


Counseling Services

JCMS counselors promote personal development through individual and group counseling sessions, and help students transition from grade to grade. If necessary, the counseling center will link a student or a family to an appropriate service provider.


Please contact the counselors listed on the left of this page for assistance with counseling, academic classes, bullying, mediation, health and wellness team referrals, and any other array of social-emotional concerns.


JCMS Counseling Office strictly adheres to the confidentiality guidelines that have been established by the American Counseling Association. Here is one of the key points to understand regarding counselor confidentiality: 

*Confidentiality simply means that whatever is said in a counseling session will remain between the student and the counselor.  

*There are three exceptions to the rule regarding confidentiality: 

1) If a student says that he/she is thinking about hurting him/herself.  
2) If a student says that he/she is considering hurting another person.  
3) If a student reports a situation involving child abuse. In these three cases, the appropriate people will be contacted to ensure the safety and security of all people involved.