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iReady Diagnostic Assessment Parent Letter

                                                                                    Thursday August 20, 2020

Families and Guardians,

This year, we’re all facing unexpected challenges, and having students take the i-Ready Diagnostic at home is one of them. We thank you in advance for helping us get the information about your child that will help us plan and provide the instruction that will meet their unique needs.

Your child will be asked to take the diagnostic test during the office hours time between 10-11. This will ensure that students do not miss direct instruction from their teachers, yet have time to reach out to their teachers for support.

The test is untimed, and students should be allowed breaks. Students will have between August 25-28 to complete the i-Ready Math Diagnostic. Then, the next week they will have between September 1-4 to complete the Language Arts i-Ready Math Diagnostic. The only times they should be taking the diagnostic is between 10-11. The school will be using GoGuardian to monitor your child’s work, and during these times they will be restricted to only accessing iReady.

Today, we’re asking that you supervise your child’s diagnostic the same way a supportive teacher would. To this end, we would appreciate if you would specifically:

  • Read the attached handout.
  • Review the video about how to support your child while they take the Diagnostic at home.
  • Support the importance of your child doing their best on the diagnostic. Understand that the i-Ready Diagnostic is a different type of test and you child will receive questions they will struggle with and or not expected to answer correctly.
  • Resist the urge to help your student answer the questions on the Diagnostic, even if they struggle.
  • Support your child to complete the assessment according to their teacher’s directions (e.g., quiet place, free of distractions with needed technology, etc.), within the dates and/or times specified by the school.

We know it’s difficult to watch your child struggle, even if that struggle is productive. We’re asking for your trust that the best ways to help us meet your child’s unique needs this year are to help prepare them before the Diagnostic. Thank you  again for your cooperation as we work together to grow your child’s learning in this unprecedented time.


Jessica Adviento-Mackey

Jimmy Carter Middle School Testing Coordinator

505-833-7540 x 57521